Miner's Idle 3

Miner's Idle 3

Miner's Idle 3

Incremental Inc. Casual

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3rd Installment of the Miner's Idle series!

•Lots of new content, artwork and ongoing development based off player feedback!

•Tap your way to arthritis or hire miners, autominers and unlock abilities to do all the mining for you!

•Discover lots of new ores, each worth more than the last!

•Travel through differently themed realms of rocks - Can you make it to the end?!

•Leveling system that rewards you every single time you level up - Spend your skill points wisely!

•Find rare treasure chests containing unique items to boost your mining power and other multipliers!

•All new task system - Get assigned tasks and complete them for permanent rewards!

•Unlock and obtain various pickaxes to mine more ore at once!

•Earn 30+ Medals - Each giving a permanent boost!

•Advanced prestige system - Play over and over to unlock more of the game, including -
The Ore Vault, Time Travelling, the infamous bonus shop and over 15 unique prestige items each giving special bonuses!

Artwork by: My Sister!

Background Music by: http://incompetech.com/music

No Permissions & Tablet Support!

Enjoy! - Feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions for the game via:

•Google Play Store comments
•Twitter: @Incremental_Inc
•Email: alexaulds93@gmail.com

v1.1 - December 9th
Splash Screen enabled!
Autominers can now critical strike!
Unlockable Auto-Task feature added!
New purchase in bonus shop!
Tiny bug fixes
v1.003 - December 8th
Multi-Touch added as requested!
Optimizations for smaller resolution devices (slightly smaller font, slightly larger menus)
Fixed a bug where the developer forgot to include half the game